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Microwave Ovens: Yay or Nay

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The decision to purchase that microwave oven can be a mind-boggling experience for some people. Yes? No? Maybe? As we go through the buying process, some questions are raised in our heads.

  • Is it safe? What if it explodes?
  • Does it alter the chemical composition of foods?
  • Does it destroy the nutrients in foods?
  • Is the microwave going to give me cancer?
  • Will microwave radiation hurt everyone in the house?

Before you start believing that the microwave is going to turn your brain into mush, let’s begin by understanding how the microwave works. Does microwave cook food using radiation? Yes, it does. We are not denying that. Simply put, microwaves turn electricity into electromagnetic waves which stimulates the molecules in the food item causing them to vibrate, turning into heat energy which eventually heats up and cooks the food item. Although the microwave produces electromagnetic radiation, not all radiation is bad. Light is also electromagnetic radiation. Like cell phones, the microwave uses non-ionizing radiation to heat up your food so that it is safe for consumption. Not only does the microwave not kill you, but there are also several advantages associated with cooking with a microwave.

Here are some of them which you might want to know and are most helpful to you.

  • The convenience of using a microwave to cook food is undeniable.
  • It is a safe way to prepare food and is less time consuming compared to traditional cooking methods.
  • The microwave allows us to cook food quickly and uses less liquid in the cooking process. Since less liquid is used, the chances of nutrients lost in the cooking liquid is also reduced. Water soluble vitamins B and C are most likely to be lost in the cooking process if a lot of water is used.
  • With the use of the microwave, food is heated up in the shortest amount of time. This helps to reduce the loss of nutrients through heat. Some vitamins are vulnerable to heat, especially vitamin C. Hence, cooking with a microwave helps to retain and preserve these vitamins in food during the cooking process.
  • Not only does microwave cooking prevents nutrients loss, it also minimises the formation of harmful compounds that can form when cooking at high temperature. For example, nitrites in foods may turn into harmful compounds called nitrosamines when exposed to prolonged cooking in high temperatures. This risk is reduced in microwave cooking as the food is cooked in a shorter amount of time and a relatively lower temperature.

Still concern about radiation? Fret not, the microwave doors are designed to stop radiation from escaping and hurting you, which they can’t anyways. Now that we have gotten past the myths surrounding the use of microwaves, we would also like to bring you to some pointers when using the microwave.

  • Use only microwave safe food containers. Never use aluminium foil or metal.
  • Avoid standing too near the microwave as escaping steam or liquid erupting out of the container can hurt you.
  • Take care not to overheat or underheat your food.
  • Stir your food occasionally if needed to ensure that there are no hot spots and food is cooked evenly. This will reduce the risk of food poisoning.
  • If there is a fire inside the microwave, do not attempt to open the microwave door. Leave the door closed and unplug the microwave.

Isn’t that perfect? Knowing that microwave cooks food safely and effectively, you can now thaw and heat up your favourite stocks and broths in our food safe pouches, lovingly home made in Singapore. Besides stocks and broths, our conveniently frozen packed soups, porridges, and congees are also available for our home cooked food delivery in Singapore. At Shane’s Kitchen, our food packs come in different sizes to suit your needs and preferences for you to enjoy it your way, at your convenience. Food nutrition is crucial to our overall health and well-being, and so is our precious time. We want to spend time with our loved ones, instead of clearing up the kitchen mess. So, run along now and let us (and the microwave) give you a hand here to a healthy happy you!

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