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The Gut Never Lies


Words have been said, reports have been published. Health issues in Singapore remain one of our top concerns. With so many dietary options, conflicting views on food and nutrition, varied fitness opinions, and differing perspectives on what is good for you, how do we jump on the right wagon to better health? 

We know that gut health is important, and a healthy gut is key to better digestion, immunity, sleep, mood and mental focus. We were told to eat this and not that. We were told to count our calories and keep to some rule-heavy diets. Ditch all that. With the busy schedules and hectic routines, let us not add on any more unnecessary hassles to our everyday life. We are not telling you to eat whatever you want, but it would help if you can take a moment to slow down and be in tune with your body. Know when your body is showing you the signs and symptoms that your body might need a little assistance to eat better, and feel better.

Signs and symptoms to look out for:

  • Bloating and cramping
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Skin issues and disorders
  • Lethargy and illness
  • Food sensitivities and health concerns

“Trust your gut.” Did we hear that right? Absolutely. Self-trust, accompanied by eating without extremes set you on a gut healing journey to a better you. Don’t get us wrong, and don’t dive right into a bucket of fried chicken and chips. Instead, start gently with mindful eating practices, respecting your body and feel the difference as you make sustainable dietary changes to your life.

How? Let us help. In Shane’s Kitchen, we believe in eating well and be happy. In the process of finding out what is most acceptable to clients of all ages and demographics, we realised that stocks and broths are both nutritious, tasty and versatile. However, we were appalled by the ingredients found in commercial soups. So, we made our own with quality ingredients, and no added salt, refined sugar, additives or preservatives. What’s even better is that you are to free to adjust the taste according to your preference by adding your favourite proteins, vegetables, grains, or just anything you like. Our stocks and broths in Singapore are made for you to enjoy it your way.

Do you also know that porridges and congees have long been known to be ancient remedies used to treat common ailments and support the body? Knowing how good porridges and congees are for you, Shane’s Kitchen also bring you four very different gruels, porridges and congees right here in Singapore for your dining delight.

Now that you have heard your gut and gotten the help you need, who else can benefit from your mindful eating experience? If you’re a mom living on this sunny island like me, I am sure you are always on the lookout for any updates on children health in Singapore. We are more than happy to be part of your village in taking care of the health of your lovely little one. Not only are our homemade broths, soups and porridges free from added salt, refined sugars and other nasties, our food products are also low in allergens, making them one of the better food options for little tummies. Start early, start young and our precious children will be on their way to healthier happier lives ahead.

Last but not least, we would like you to know that at the end of the day, there is no food that is off limits. The next time you start to doubt yourself on the food choices you make, pause. Listen to your gut, trust yourself, and be in tune with all the messages your body gives you because the gut never lies. 

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