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Supporting you in your baby’s weaning journey

Supporting you in your baby's weaning journey

It is interesting that in a world filled with abundant food choices, the availability and knowledge of essential foods falls short, or felt out of reach. Increased food choices may overwhelm the brain, reinforce overeating and possibly lead to issues related to malnutrition. Allergies, over or under eating, and mental and emotional well-being top the list of health issues concerning children all over the world. In addition, sensory and behavioural challenges may also affect dietary patterns in children.

There is so much to know, too much to absorb, and sometimes we, as parents, do not have it all. That’s perfectly ok. We may not have it together all the time, but we have our children’s best interests in all that we do. As a mum with a son who started his weaning journey very slow and “difficult”, I am here to say it will pass and eventually get better. Your efforts in helping your fussy little eater explore and enjoy this world filled with exciting, strange, and colourful food choices will pay off soon enough. Of course, we will have people suggesting that our little one is not normal, or people who brush it off as “You’re just overreacting to your child’s needs”, or others who comment simply “You’re spoiling your child. Kids should eat whatever you feed them”. I am not saying that these people are wrong or should be ignored. But, with so much on hand, maybe we can take what they say with a little pinch of salt.

Having said that, we should still pay very close attention to the nutritional needs of our children. Not only are food choices crucial, but it is also important how food is prepared and delivered to our children. Digestion is a process which begins with the choice of food broken down in the mouth, stomach, intestines and eventually being absorbed into the bloodstream. The simpler the food is, the more easily it can be digested, absorbed, and utilised by the body. My son is definitely a picky eater due to his sensory needs. He rejected most foods and only started eating when he was halfway through two years old. The weaning journey was tough. Knowing that a child’s digestive system only fully matures at around seven years of age, I knew I had to come out with something to maintain a healthy digestive system for better physical growth and development, as well as to better support his immune system. That’s how Shane’s Kitchen started producing a wide variety of stocks and broths in Singapore.

“What’s so special about Shane’s Kitchen?” you may ask. We’re not special. We cook from the heart. You are knowledgeable. You know to shop your way around the commercial shelves. Take a closer look at the ingredients list. Are those ingredients what you really want to feed your child, and yourself?  From one mom’s kitchen to yours, with 100% natural ingredients and no added salt, refined sugar, or additives, we bring you the freshest stocks, broths, soups, and porridges in Singapore.

What’s In Our Cooking?

As much as we can, we source for the best quality ingredients we can lay our hands on. Our food items are laboratory tested for shelf life (at least 6 months under optimal storage and handling conditions) and nutritional information. We are here to help you understand what we have to offer so here are the nutritional informational of all the products we have. With all the essential nutrients you can find in our products, I am sure there will be one, or many, for your everyday needs.

All Veggies Chicken Broth

Celeriac & Fennel Fish Broth

Chicken Conpoy Collagen Broth

Garden Veggies Broth

Original Chicken Stock

Original Fish Stock

Salmon Tomato Broth

Seasonal Veggies Beef Broth

Simply Seafood Broth

Beef & Fennel Millet Porridge

Chicken & Kale Sweet Brown Rice Porridge

Parsnips & Carrots Chicken Congee

Salmon & Broccoli Wild Rice Gruel

Hearty Italian Meatball Soup

How To Use Our Food Packs?

Our conveniently frozen packed food items are made for you to enjoy it your way, any time you like. Our stocks and broths come in 3 different sizes to suit your needs. The textures and consistencies of our porridges can be adjusted by adding stocks and broths, stirring, and cooking a little longer, or even blending to suit your preferences, and the tastebuds of your little one. With no added seasoning, you are free to take full control of your salt and sugar intake by adding as much seasoning as you want, or not at all.

Who We Serve?

Our frozen packed stocks, broths, soups, and porridges are perfect for you embarking on a healthy journey to a better, healthier, and happier you. Our clients include parents who want the best for their children, busy parents who appreciate an extra hand in healthy fuss free cooking in Singapore, people on special diets, those with low allergens dietary preferences, as well as clients on broth diets for gut healing purposes.

Take care of your digestive health and everything else will fall in place. Start your little one on making wiser food choices early in life and good dietary habits will bring them a long way. Prioritise your health and take the first step towards healing with us here and we look forward to serving you at Shane’s Kitchen very soon.

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