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The Right Portion Size of Broths and Porridges for Your Child?

The Right Portion Size of Broths and Porridges for Your Child

Very often, people ask me which portion size they should pick for their child. Honestly, I find this question very hard to answer. As I settled down on the plane, watching passengers being served their desired meal, I realized there is no perfect answer to this question. While everyone was enjoying their beautifully plated in-flight meal, my 7-year-old boy was rejecting every item on the menu but was happy to pick and munch from his lunch box and had a little soup from the thermal flask that I packed for him. 

As you might already know, Shane’s Kitchen delivers healthy food in Singapore. Our homemade stocks and broths come in 3 sizes: 150ml, 300ml and 500ml, while our nutritious congees and porridges come in 2 sizes: 150g and 400g. Just like us, children’s appetites during proper mealtimes may vary according to several factors, just to name a few:

  • Daily routine and activity level
  • Health condition
  • Change in growth and development
  • Excessive fluid or snacks intake
  • Availability of food
  • Mood and emotions
  • Surrounding environment

On some days, your child may shovel down a 400g pack of congee. On others, he or she may have trouble finishing 150ml of his or her usual to-go broth. “Oh, what’s that smell. It’s yucky!” On unexpected days, even a whiff of their favourite food can put them off. Not to panic. It’s perfectly normal. As long as our child is growing well, has good immune support, is healthy and happy, there is nothing to worry.

We totally understand the situation you are in because we have been through it. Hence, it is always a good idea to have a variety of stocks, broths, congees, and porridges of different sizes always ready in the freezer. Ideally, we try to break up children’s mealtimes into about 6 smaller meals: 

  • breakfast,
  • morning tea, 
  • lunch, 
  • afternoon snack, 
  • dinner, 
  • bedtime light bites

This helps to not stress little young tummy; it also helps to ensure a consistent blood sugar level and release of energy throughout the day. A 150ml broth could be good just right before school to kickstart the digestive system while a 300ml stock makes a good base for a hearty lunch. Depending on the child’s appetite, a 150g pack of porridge is usually good enough for a young child, but a 400g pack is excellent for sharing too!

Eating habits and food choices are important, and so are food portion sizes. With a wide variety of nutrient packed stocks and broths in Singapore, I am sure there will be one (or many) that suits your needs, and the taste buds of your little one, any time of the day. Not forgetting to look at our range of gut soothing and comforting congees and porridges in Singapore, beautifully simmered with wholesome ingredients, unique flavours, and interesting textures right here (link to product page) right now.

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