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All things organic? Is it necessary?

Balanced eating Singapore

We’ve all gotten used to hearing about “organic.” Whether it’s the food we munch on daily or the products we use as part of our daily skin care, many of us lean towards organic choices.

Some of us choose ‘organic’ because we believe it’s not only tastier but also safer, healthier, and better for the animals and the environment. But is it really a must-do? Before we label it as good or bad, let’s understand what organic farming is.

Organic Farming

The way we grow crops or raise animals has changed a lot over the decades. As we grow older, our minds become more sincere about our surroundings and how necessary it is to take care of our bodies and the planet. We’ve become curious about our food, where it comes from, and how it’s made.

Speaking about organic foods, many of us think they’re grown without any chemicals, but that’s not entirely true. Growing crops might need fertilisers with some chemicals in them. That said, organic farming needs way less chemical fertiliser than standard farming. Organic crop producers go for natural pesticides such as pyrethrins, light oils, copper, sulphur, and biological substances.

Animals raised organically are also treated well; chickens can roam freely, cows aren’t confined to cages, and there are no growth drugs, steroids, hormones, or antibiotics, though they might receive vaccines for disease prevention.

Organic farming has a positive impact on the environment. It is good for nature, helps conserve water, soil, and energy, and relies on renewable resources.

Why are people going organic?

Singapore’s food retail scene is huge and competitive, with US$6 billion in sales back in 2015. Organic food sales, making up around 10–15% of the total, were estimated at US$10–15 million. This number has seen significant growth over the past decade. One of the major reasons for eating organic food is that it is healthier for our physical and emotional well-being.

“Eat your greens” being a parent, it’s a common phrase we say to our picky eater. But did you know the fruits and veggies we brought from the local stores can be packed with chemicals and artificial colours?

As a mom, who’s always worried about my son’s health, my mom instincts always kick in when it’s about choosing what food I’m giving to Shane, and as parents, it’s the same for most of us. We’re constantly fretting over what goes into our little one’s mouth. Ever since the day you were expecting, you’ve always put the baby first and changed the diet accordingly.

Interestingly, even during pregnancy, lifestyle factors like sleep patterns and dietary choices can impact your baby’s development. Most of us struggle with sleep due to bodily changes and hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy. While poor sleep may seem like a temporary problem, conditions like insomnia and hypersomnia can pose risks during pregnancy and affect the baby’s growth.

Likely, what you’re eating plays a crucial role. Consuming foods laden with pesticides and harmful chemicals during pregnancy and while lactating may increase the risk of certain birth defects in newborns. Not just that, it’s important when starting your baby’s weaning journey. A baby’s immune system is still developing, and healthy eating habits and sleep routines can improve their immunity and keep them from falling sick.

Organic food can be a safer choice. It doesn’t have artificial colours, flavourings, sweeteners, or pesticides, which can be harmful for you and your baby.

Is it really necessary to go organic?

Eating organic food can boost your well-being and support the environment, but it might not be a necessity for everyone. In Singapore, today’s generation faces the ongoing challenge of keeping up with a healthy and balanced eating pattern.

From a health standpoint, some argue that going for organic food could potentially lower the risk of allergies and obesity. Organic meat and milk, while packing in more nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids (up to 50% more than conventionally raised livestock), come at a higher cost due to the extra care required.

Whether you opt for organic or not, it’s crucial to be mindful of your eating habits. At Shane’s Kitchen, we look out for your health because you matter. Explore our range of soups, broths, and stocks available for home delivery in Singapore. Our recipes are crafted with fresh ingredients for an authentic taste, without any artificial flavourings.

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