Delicious Home-Made Food Delivery

Shane’s Kitchen was started by a young mom frustrated by the lack of choices available to give her son the nutrition he needed as he was weaned from the breast. June was horrified at the amount of artificial flavouring, salt, sugar, and preservatives that seemed to be on every label she picked up from the supermarket shelf. She takes her son’s health seriously and is most unwilling to feed her son Shane highly processed foods. After much contemplation, she decided to create her own recipes for Shane’s optimal nutrition and general wellness. June is blessed and was able to tap on over 10 years of experience in F&B, training in culinary and service excellence, and her in-depth knowledge of children's nutrition and child psychology to create a kitchen for Shane that would deliver healthy meals at every mealtime. She knew she wasn’t the only mom struggling to feed her child 100% natural whole foods. And that’s how Shane’s Kitchen got started. Today, we create delicious, nutritious, healthy, home-cooked meals suitable for babies and young children, free from added salt, refined sugar, preservatives, MSG, and other artificial flavourings. We only include the good stuff. Because we had so many enquiries requesting recipes for the elderly and people with gut issues and food intolerances, we also worked on our food products to cater to their needs. And for moms wondering how to balance it all, our variety of stocks and broths, soups and porridges, as well as ready-to-eat meals, makes fuss-free cooking possible, so you never have to wreck your brains over the next meal. Our menus promote balanced, sustainable eating across the full spectrum of nature’s food. We educate around the importance of conscious, mindful, happy eating and advise how to make healthy eating choices and create healthy eating habits for a lifetime.