Why is it important for children to get the proper nutrients?

homemade broth

If you are fretting over your child’s rate of growth, don’t sweat! The rate of growth varies from child to child. But as a parent, you should focus on the food items they are consuming. Foods like homemade broth, soups, porridge, etc., are rich in carbs, protein, vitamins and minerals. As long as your child is getting these important nutrients daily, they will be growing mentally and physically as they should.

Consuming nutrient-dense food has several benefits. Here are just a few:

Protects your child from outside invaders

Children are prone to getting sick. As their immune system is constantly encountering new viruses, bacteria and other outside invaders, they may catch cold, flu, or other illnesses a few times in a year. Yet still, as a parent, you don’t like to see your child suffer, so getting them to follow a good diet will help.  

You can buy healthy food bases, like homemade broth, soups, porridge, etc. Just warm up the broth or prepare a meal that suits your child’s palette. These options are good for your child’s health and also reduce the time needed to prepare a meal from scratch. Although it does not necessarily boost immunity power, eating fresh, nutrient-rich foods supports the immune system and digestive systems to work more efficiently.

Nurtures growth

Children are influenced by adults. They try to mimic what adults do, which also reflects in their behaviour. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle and practise wellness, your child will most probably follow you. Practising wellness is a process of learning about various options available for a healthy and satisfying life and actively choosing them. It is a dynamic process of development and growth that brings health and happiness.

Wellness practices like eating a balanced diet and regular exercise are also beneficial for your child’s immunity system. Nutrients like vitamins A, C, and E, zinc, protein, calcium and iron improve the functionality of the immune system as well as growth and body development.

Helps to maintain a healthy weight

“Mindful eating” is the best approach to building a positive relationship between food and your child. If your child does not like to eat veggies, for example, you can take this approach to introduce new food items. You can try cooking food in new ways that are nutritious for your child’s health and also taste delicious. Meal options, such as homemade broth, salad, congee, etc., are rich in flavour, and also stimulate mental and physical health. Changing your child’s eating behaviour helps to maintain a healthy weight as well as overall well-being.

Improves energy level

Kids are full of energy and always curious. But leading an unhealthy lifestyle, munching on junk food and consuming soda drinks, stress and lack of sleep can make your child feel fatigued or tired all the time.

So, try to cut down on candy and sugary drinks. If you can’t find the time to cook meals from scratch, switch to fast, easy recipes full of nutrition. At Shane’s Kitchen, we offer the best broth in Singapore, in addition to porridges, congee, soups and stews. We only use natural substances that are completely safe for you and your family. 

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