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Good Food at Your Doorstep

Good Food at Your Doorstep

We’ve all come to a point when we realise that we need to eat better. Whether it’s for our own well-being or that of our loved ones, we need to pay attention to what we’re consuming. Not only does eating well boosts our energy levels and increases our physical strength, but it also improves our sleep and better our emotional and mental health. At Shane’s Kitchen, we understand that not all of us have the luxury of time to prepare our meals all day.

Balancing the demands of being a parent and working full-time leaves us with little to no time to take care of ourselves, let alone to cook wholesome meals. Considering the lack of time, the hassle of grocery shopping, food preparation, washing up etc., honestly, time can be better spent with our loved ones. This is where meal delivery services come in handy. It gives you a wide variety of delicious options, and you get them delivered right to your doorstep.

Some thoughts linger in our minds. Food delivery might not always be the healthiest option. You think? Some of us feel torn between ordering takeout and maintaining a healthy diet. Is that consideration worth a struggle? If not, then how can we be mindful about what we’re having and feeding our family?

Let’s take a moment to think it through.

Practicing Mindful Eating with Healthy Takeout Choices

Being mindful of what you eat isn’t just about calorie counting. It’s about savouring every bite without deceiving yourself. We all know eating greens is good for us but scarfing them down without considering the taste only puts you on bad terms with food. So, it’s smarter to put some thought into cooking at home or ordering out for your family. Instead of going for a bland salad for your lunch, go for a hearty soup, stir in some veggies, a healthy bowl of chicken and rice congee, or choose baked or grilled fish for takeout. There are tonnes of recipes you can try that are both wholesome and delicious. Of course, we might not want to try out recipes. In which case, why not give Shane’s Kitchen stocks, broths, porridges and soups a try? There’s absolutely no added salt, refined sugar, preservatives, or additives. To suit your needs, Shane’s Kitchen does homecooked food delivery in Singapore. Paying attention to these little details when getting meals ready for your family not only makes food tasty but definitely healthier too. And it’s not just for grown-ups; it’s something you want to instil in your kids too. If you’ve got a fussy eater to feed, go for something colourful and present it in a playful manner to grab their attention. By teaching them good eating habits at an early age, they will be able to cultivate good eating habits and make wise food choices later in life.

Here are a few steps to become mindful when ordering your takeout:

  • Eat on time. Do not skip meals. Do not eat when you have a craving because you tend to eat more. If you feel terribly hungry, have a little healthy snack, or broth, before you decide on what you should have for your main meal. This prevents overeating of any sort.
  • Takeout spots may sometimes offer bigger portions of food. Please don’t gobble up everything in one go. Take your time to eat or split it up over a couple of meals instead of wolfing it down all at once.
  • Take a moment to consider about how the food is cooked. Foods that are boiled, steamed, or grilled are preferable choices due to health reasons. Fried foods, especially if the oil has been reused multiple times, contains a considerable amount of bad fats and you would not want these nasties in your body.

At Shane’s Kitchen (and some eateries), we provide the nutritional information of what we have to offer so you know what you’re getting. One example of what we have for you here is our all-time favourite Parsnips & Carrots Chicken Congee:

Feel how you feel after eating. Think about the impact and effects of each food has on your body. Do you feel bloated? Sluggish? Load up your meals with protein-packed treats like beans and chickpeas, and stack on the veggies—like broccoli, lettuce, tomato, and carrots—and a tiny amount of dairy like cheese, yoghurt, or fresh cream (if you’re not lactose intolerant)—to keep you satisfied and full of energy.

Why is home-cooked food delivery better?

Let’s face it. We are busy, and we are heavily dependent on food delivery services. The numbers have surged, especially after the pandemic. Well, we understand. It’s much easier to eat out or order takeout than to cook at home, shop for groceries, and clean up afterward. Considering your health, choosing home-cooked meal delivery services is a smart move.

At Shane’s kitchen, we put your and your little one’s health first. Forget sacrificing taste for healthiness. Spice up your meals with our healthy, home-cooked recipes—soups, stocks, stews, broths, porridges, and congee—all available for home delivery in Singapore. We cook up our meals using fresh, wholesome ingredients and simmer them slowly to lock in all the goodness. Then, we pack and freeze them safely to keep them as fresh and nutritious as can be.

Whenever you or your baby feel hungry, just pop the food pack in the microwave, throw on your favourite toppings, or enjoy it as it is. Rather than using salt, refined sugar, or MSG to make your food appetising and addictive, we use spices and herbs that not only add a burst of flavour but also pack in a dash of medicinal benefits. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post, where we dive into the world of herbs and spices right here at Shane’s Kitchen.

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