Which broth is for you?

Which broth is best for you

A warm bowl of healthy, mouth-watering, gut healing broth with all its nourishing and nutritious properties is just the complete food you need after a long day. But, how do you know which broth is the one for you? All broths are good broths, but they are special in their own ways.

Here are some most common broths we use:

1. Fish (and seafood) broth

Loaded with fat-soluble vitamins, and iodine, fish and seafood broths are great choices for those looking to improve thyroid and fatigue issues. Being a rich source of nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, fish and seafood broths also work best as a powerful brain food, improving mental capacity and mood regulation. Besides, fish and seafood broths contain a considerable amount of calcium and gelatine, nutrients that are crucial for bone and joint development. Surely an important broth for fast growing little children and developing adolescents, as well as busy adults.

2.  Chicken broth

A hot favourite home remedy for cold and flu, chicken broth is definitely a must have in every household. If you are looking for something delicious that works wonders for your gut health, a bowl of nutrient packed chicken broth is just what you need. A good chicken broth is loaded with plenty of nutrients such as amino acids, glutamine, phosphorus, iron, potassium, etc. With the presence of collagen, zinc, and glycosaminoglycans, a chicken broth may improve skin elasticity and promote; youthfulness too. Our variety of chicken broths at Shane’s Kitchen aim to help you, and your little one, to reduce inflammation, boost immunity, provide additional hydration, and soothe the gut for a healthier, happier you.

3. Beef broth

An ever-popular broth for gut, joint and muscle repair. Beef broth focuses on sealing and healing your gut, helping to manage and cure leaky gut syndrome. It is the perfect addition to a diet to satisfy one’s appetite since it is low in calorie and immensely rich in nutrients. The high content of glucosamine and collagen helps with joint pain and management, and skin and hair health. The glycine and healthy fats found in beef broth also work to improve nervous function, heart health and may promote restful sleep too. At Shane’s Kitchen, our beef broth is cooked on low heat, over a considerable long period of time, to produce a delicious and nutrient packed beef broth.

4. Vegetable broth

For all veggies lovers out there, this is an all-purpose broth loaded with fresh vegetables and herbs to suit your needs. A desirable, easily digestible vegetable broth contains important nutrients such as vitamins A, C, E, and K, and fibre, as well as several anti-inflammatory properties found in the vegetables used in making the broth. Shane’s Kitchen vegetable broth works well to sneak a little vegetable goodness into picky little eater’s meals, improving digestion, boosting their immune system, promoting detoxification, and keeping all hydrated.

Some of the top picks for broths on our menu are:

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