Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle for a Happier You

Sustainable healthy lifestyle for a happier you

The best investment you will ever make is your health. Love yourself enough to make your health a priority and live a healthy lifestyle. Besides maintaining good physical health, a healthy lifestyle takes into account the condition of your emotional and mental health. In this hustle-driven, fast-paced world where grabbing food on the go is the norm, is it possible to stick to a healthy diet? With the right guidance and commitment, you are on your way to a healthier, better you. Shane’s Kitchen provides healthy home cooked food delivery service in Singapore and we are more than happy to embark on your health journey with you.

Tips to a sustainable healthier lifestyle:

  1. Avoid crash diets

It’s hard to resist the temptation of instant results a crash diet brings. However, these diets are usually restrictive and can be detrimental to your health. Studies have shown that side effects of crash diets include unbalanced nutrition, loss of lean body mass, long term poor mental and emotional health including lethargy, lack in concentration, and irritability. In severe cases, crash diets may also increase the risk of heart attacks. Instead adopting a torturous crash diet, try introducing a variety of nutritious whole foods in your daily diet and improve your health gradually.

  1. Seek professional help and advice

When in doubt and/or when your health is a concern, it is always a good idea to consult a professional. A doctor well trained in nutrition, nutritionist or dietitian can assist in assessing and determining your daily nutritional needs, help you plan your meals, recommend appropriate your portion sizes etc, for effective and efficient lifestyle management through dietary planning.

  1. Keep healthy snacks in sight and junk food out of sight

Out of sight, out of mind. As with toxic people and situation, foods that are bad from you should be kept away. Fill up your pantry with healthier snack choices and the urge to binge on undesirable snacks will reduce overtime. You can include better food choices such as nuts and seeds, whole foods, whole grain crackers, nut butters, fruits and vegetables sticks with healthy dips as your snacking options.

  1. All-or-Nothing

Adopt a holistic approach to good health. Life is never all-or-nothing. Eat well, be happy. It is absolutely ok, and even healthy, to enjoy your favourite meal once in a awhile, even if that means gobbling a whole pizza. Do not guilt trip yourself into believing that you have done wrong just because of a less than desirable meal. Instead, give yourself a pat on your back and say, “Well done, you have made it thus far and will do better moving forward.” Take a well-deserved break, breath and continue to make as many healthy meal choices as you can in a day.

Maintaining a healthy diet can be difficult amidst a busy lifestyle if you have to cook every meal on your own. How about letting us do the cooking instead? We deliver healthy home-cooked food in Singapore to your doorstep with just a click. Let us journey with you to better health and a happier you.