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Porridges – Your Morning Energy Boost

Porridges – Your Morning Energy Boost

Not enough time for breakfast in the morning? What if we tell you that you can now enjoy a wholesome breakfast with less hassle?

Making the ideal breakfast choice for an energetic day ahead?

An ideal breakfast should be nutrient-dense, light, and easily digestible, yet gives you enough calories to keep you going till about lunchtime. Wet breakfasts like congees, porridges, or gruels are great options every morning for everyone, especially for someone who might have accidentally overworked their digestive system the night before, whether through excessively indulging in a heavy dinner and/or supper, having a late night, or consuming alcohol.

The rice used in the preparation process of porridges absorbs a lot of water during cooking, giving your body a hydration boost. It is also a comfort food to heal your gut, soothes the intestines, nourish the blood, and rejuvenate the skin.

Adding a twist to your regular white rice porridge

Multigrain porridges complimented with a dash of healthy ingredients add a pretty touch to all the health benefits you can get from regular consumption of porridges and congees.

Our congees, porridges, and gruels are a healthy mix of different grains accompanied by the best combination of quality ingredients. Some of the options we have here for you are:

  • Salmon and Broccoli Wild Rice Gruel: Brimming with flavors, this popular makeover is also a feast for the eyes with tantalizing flecks of wild rice in the mix. Such a favorite combination of salmon and broccoli is known to be rich in vitamins A, C, K, B12, omega 3, fatty acids, and protein, all the goodness you need for a healthy body.
  • Parsnips and Carrots Chicken Congee: A uniquely delicious congee packed with exciting flavors to ignite your senses, and those of your little one. Parsnips and carrots are loaded with valuable vitamins and minerals. It helps you to kickstart a hectic schedule on the right note and calms your tummy at the end of a busy day.
  • Beef and Fennel Millet Porridge: You will love the unmistakable flavor of fennel and leek elevated with millet along with the nutritious goodness of beef. With good quality proteins, B group vitamins, and several minerals, this delectable porridge helps in improving your digestive and immune system for a healthier, better you.
  • Chicken and Kale Sweet Brown Rice Porridge: A superfood porridge carefully curated with the goodness of brown rice and the powers of kale. Load up with those vitamins A, C, and K, phytonutrients, and antioxidants for better immunity support and stronger bone development for overall growth and general well-being. Perfect for you, and your family.