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A wholesome bowl of soup has more benefits than you think. From weight loss to fulfilling your daily dose of nutrition, a bowl of soup can do wonders for your health. So why not replace your morning steaming cup of caffeinated drink or evening snack with a bowl of soup instead?

You will not believe the benefits that including soup in your diet can bring:


1. Soup can be a part of your weight loss

Soups have high water and fibre content (from the veggies) that will keep you full for a long time. Soups fulfil your nutritional requirements at a very low-calorie intake. Snacking on a bowl of soup in the evening will ensure you don’t overeat at dinner.


2. Soup is loaded with nutrients

If you have a hectic schedule and can’t manage to cook healthy, homemade vegetable meals, a bowl of soup is your saviour. It is already loaded with so many veggies and you can easily add some to it. It is also the best way to feed veggies to the picky eaters in your home. Want to make a whole new dish out of your soup? Just figure out how to incorporate your leftovers to create a delicious new soup dish.


3. Soup is great for your digestion and is naturally healing

Soups have fibrous vegetables, like beans, lentils, and meats that are all good for aiding digestion. The gelatin, collagen and glycine in a bowl of slow-cooked broth have natural anti-inflammatory properties. They can also cure stomach infections like gut dysbiosis, gut inflammation, etc.


4. The vitamins and minerals stay intact

Soups are cooked over low heat, which helps them retain all the vitamins and minerals from the veggies. Nutrients like lycopene from tomatoes or beta carotene from carrots are better absorbed in soups than when eaten raw or cooked on a high flame. 


5. Soups are effective in reducing bloating

Most soups have a base of leeks, onions and celery that are rich in potassium, which helps to rid the body of excess fluid. So even if you drop as little as 500g of body weight in the form of fluids, you will instantly feel leaner and lighter.

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