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Is it better to get nutrients from food or supplements? Everything you should know


Owing to the rise in health epidemics, people are starting to prioritise taking supplements rather than relying on home-cooked meals. Even doctors are increasingly prescribing supplements. But can taking supplement gummies fulfil your nutrient needs or is it just another health fad?

Let’s dive into this discussion in depth: 

Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients play a major role in the proper functioning of our body. Their deficiency can lead to all sorts of health issues. But is taking supplements the same as having a wholesome nutritious meal? The answer is no. 

When you have a meal that combines two or three nutrients together, they work in a complementary manner, which is not the case with supplement gummies. Also, the nutrients in food are easier for the body to absorb. And studies have found that taking supplements can sometimes lead to excessive nutrient intake, which can have a further deteriorating effect on your health. 

Are supplements good for your kids?

Giving kids supplement gummies has become a trend among modern parents. But if your child is eating healthy home-cooked nutritious meals and snacks, they shouldn’t have a need for supplements. 

Giving additional supplements can do more harm than good if it goes above the safe limit. Also, if your child is taking medication, some vitamins and minerals from supplements can interact with the medication negatively. You should always talk with your paediatrician or nutritionist before giving supplement gummies to your child.

When should you take supplements?

You can take supplements for various reasons, such as supporting your overall health. Supplements are essential if you have nutrient deficiencies. However, you should consider the fact that supplements cannot be a substitute for a healthy and balanced home-cooked meal and you should try to get all your daily nutrients from natural food.

Consuming home-cooked meals made of fresh and organic food ingredients that are rich in dietary fibre, protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, and essential minerals takes care of your physical and emotional well-being. If you feel you need to also take supplements, you should consult a healthcare professional who can guide you, taking into account factors such as your age, sex, height, etc.

What should you choose – nutritious food or supplements?

I think we’ve answered this question already. But people often ask if it’s OK to take supplements in cases where they are missing essential nutrients from their diet. And the answer is Yes! It is better to take supplements in such cases rather than relying on essential nutrients that your body receives from home-cooked meals. 

At Shane’s Kitchen, we believe that it’s better for you to find a way to include your essential nutrients in your diet rather than relying on supplements. Nutrients consumed through supplements do not have enough positive effects on health and longevity that wholesome foods provide. We are a food delivery service in Singapore, providing healthy home-cooked food at your doorstep if you can’t take the hassle of cooking nutrient-rich dishes for yourself.

Quite simply, people who don’t suffer from severe nutrient deficiencies will not benefit from extra supplements. A much better option is to eat a balanced diet containing plenty of fruits, leafy greens, proteins, and whole grains. 

Consider the plethora of scientific evidence against taking supplement gummies. For instance, researchers found that people who did not have Vitamin D deficiency but took Vitamin D supplements were exposed to higher health risks. Also, if you take calcium supplements instead of food naturally rich in calcium, your body won’t be able to clear off the excessive calcium.

Today’s obsession with supplements and seeing them as a part of “self-care” is nothing more than another fad in the healthcare market. Instead, you should focus on effective meal planning to spread out all your nutritional needs throughout the week. Not sure how to balance your nutritional needs throughout the week? Let us help you. We offer healthy home-cooked food delivery in Singapore, so you don’t have to worry about meal planning or meal prepping. We make food with fresh and organic ingredients and deliver it to you, so all you have to do is enjoy nutritious and tasty dishes every day.