rice and congee

Feeling sick? A healthy bowl of congee can help


Stuck in bed with a horrible cold and feeling sorry for yourself? A bowl of warm, comfort food is the perfect pick-me-up. And what could be more comforting than a piping hot bowl of homemade congee?
It is like a nourishing hug in the form of a meal with all the health benefits that can help you recover from your streaming cold.
When you are sick, it can be uncomfortable to eat solid food, especially when you have a sore throat.
But congees are soup based, so easier to swallow and the warmth of the soup can be soothing for the throat too.
We simply tend to gravitate to liquid foods when we are ill and it is important that we stay hydrated. So, liquid foods are good in that way too.
Congee is a great meal option when you are sick as it can keep you nourished. With its high water content, it can keep you hydrated at the same time.
In fact, for generations, rice congee has been referred to as the “magic soup” or “healing soup.” This is because congee has a healing effect for those suffering from the common cold.
The rice is cooked to be very soft, which makes it extremely easy to digest. Eating food that is easy to digest helps to speed up your body’s recovery process.
When you are sick and don’t feel like getting out of bed to cook yourself some congee, Shane’s Kitchen has the solution.
At Shane’s Kitchen, we bring you the best congee in Singapore with multiple varieties of flavors and textures not commonly found at hawker stalls here. . Our “Parsnips and Carrots Chicken Congee“, for example, is packed with the goodness of vitamin C, perfect for fighting microbes and shielding the body against various infections. It also has immunity-enhancing nutrients and powerful antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, which makes it an effective remedy for a fever, common cold, sore throat, and other common cold symptoms.

If you are searching for options for rice congee in Singapore, we are a Congee delivery service in Singapore that can deliver homemade congee right to your doorstep.

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