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Eat for Wellness: Why, When, and How

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Singapore is a city filled with a diversity of food options, any time of the day. With so many luscious food from different cultures, it is hard to find the perfect balance in nutrition. So, how do we find a way out and enjoy a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, amidst all these temptations and unsatisfied cravings?

Eating healthy is an investment that never fails. You will reap the benefits in the long run for your overall physical and emotional well-being. It is especially true when your young, rapidly growing child is of school-going age. Consuming healthy meals gives them the energy to focus on their school activities and learn better. Food ingredients rich in omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, iron, and antioxidants support their brain development, enhance memory work, as well as facilitate learning, and problem-solving abilities.

It is probably a good idea to carefully consider the ingredients you choose, the way you cook your food, or how and when you are serving the meal to your baby. Various factors from the point of food preparation to the delivery of meals can have an impact on their health. But how and when can we make the right choice, and why should we eat for health?

Let’s dive in to learn more.

Balanced meals: Is it possible? 

The first step, and the greatest challenge, to healthy eating in Singapore is to have balanced meals. But how can you add balanced meals to the day-to-day diet of you and your child? The answer is simple. Be mindful to consume foods rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, along with vitamins and minerals. Adding different food groups, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, fish, and dairy products, to every meal helps you to meet your daily recommended dietary intake.

Adults are the mirrors of our children’s future. Encouraging your children to develop healthy eating habits from a young age will influence their food choices wherever life takes them. Give home cooking a try! It gives you the freedom to pick the ingredients of your choice, and gives children the chance to be part of the food creation process. You can also explore different recipes and add your personal twist to make it healthier and tastier for your baby. In Shane’s Kitchen, we understand that the health benefits of congee and rice porridge for your overall well-being are immense. Congee is an ancient remedy that is wholesome and nutritious for everyone. Experimenting basic congee recipes, we have come up with various food combinations, delivery different flavours and textures in the gruels and porridges to bring you the best we have to offer.

Best time? Or no time?

With hectic and erratic schedules, we often skip meals, or have them at the strangest time of the day. Overtime, this unintentional tendency to disregard proper food intake can lead to various health conditions. As much as we can, we try to prevent a sudden spike in blood sugar level, and attempt to maintain a consistent release of energy throughout the day.

The best time to have the first meal of the day is within two hours of waking up. All days start with a good breakfast. It is a wise choice to have a hearty nutritious meal that gives you energy. But, take care not to gorge yourself on food that it leaves you in a food coma for the rest of the day. As for a mid-day meal, the ideal time could be around 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM. Eating early, at least 2 hours before bedtime helps to reduce indigestion and allows you to sleep better. It is also a good idea to eat light and slip in some healthy snacks in between meals to reduce lethargy and keep your energy going for the day.

Moving on, bear in mind that every child has different dietary needs. There is no right or wrong way to feed a child. However, due to the immaturity of their digestive systems and the smaller size of their stomachs, it is encouraged to break up meals into smaller, more frequent portions for better digestion and absorption of nutrients. Incorporating essential macro and micro nutrients in every meal provides children with sufficient energy for their daily routines.

Healthy eating for a better you

We live in a world plagued by insecurities, uncertainties, diseases, and stress. Eating well not only helps to reduce the risk of physical health problems, it also sets us in the right state of mind to live every day to the fullest. However, eating healthy does not necessarily imply eating tasteless food. Being aware of the foods you are consuming, drinking adequate amount of water, and nourishing your body with nutrient-dense foods are important for your overall health and wellness. Having gone through years of struggle with gut issues and multiple nutrient deficiency, we fully understand that it is not in all our capability that we are taken care of. With you , and your health, in mind, Shane’s Kitchen make and deliver healthy, home-cooked meals such as stocks, broths, soups, wholesome congees and rice porridges in Singapore. You are never alone, so do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are with you in this health journey and we will make it to a healthier, happier you.