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Are millennials focusing on the right kind of self-care?

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“Self Care” is the buzzword for today’s generation. Almost everyone seems to be obsessed with the idea of self-care these days. But people often confuse “self-care” with “self-indulgence.” Self-care is not just about mindfulness or skin care. It goes beyond that. Self-care essentially boils down to taking care of your body and your system.

Your spa days and manicures will not improve the quality of your life if you don’t put nutritious meals in your system and have an active lifestyle otherwise. Taking care of what you put inside your body (your meals) is the ultimate form of self-care. Your diet and lifestyle will impact your stress, mood, digestion and overall health.

But managing your daily diet is easier said than done. Not everyone has the time to cook healthy and nutritious meals every single day. Neither can you afford to pack a homemade lunch daily. So how do you ensure that your lifestyle is still on the healthier side? Some of these tips might help:

  1. Eat smaller portions

Cooking large, full-portion meals can seem overwhelming on most days if you have a full-time job. So go for easy-to-make, quick and healthy recipes and spread them out throughout the day. It can be anything from smoothie bowls, oat recipes (with veggies or milk, banana, and chia seeds), stir-fried veggies, grilled chicken sandwiches, or salads.

The most low-effort option is to have a bowl of homemade soup for breakfast and snacks. It will keep your appetite full for long hours with almost no calories. We provide a soup delivery service in Singapore that delivers the best soup in Singapore.

  1. Plan better

Setting aside some time for meal planning, prepping and grocery shopping can go a long way toward creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Stock your kitchen with essentials that will help you put together a healthy meal when you have the time.

An excellent idea is to refrigerate a healthy bowl of soup. Soups are tasty, fulfilling and super nutritious.  If you are looking for options for soups in Singapore, our menu consists of diverse options like Lemongrass and Corn Chicken Soup, Hearty Italian Meatball Soup, etc.

  1. Go colourful

Colourful food has been claimed to be more nutritious and is a great mood booster. Go ahead and add more colour to your meals. Toss in some frozen beets in your smoothie, add fruit to your oatmeal, load your soup with veggies, etc. We can deliver the best soup in Singapore if you don’t have the time to prepare it.

Self-care is not a luxury or privilege. It is essential for day-to-day healthy functioning. So start taking your first step towards it.